About us

Friends of Mykonos is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, charitable NGO organized under the laws of Greece, with the mission to address critical quality-of-life issues affecting all who live, work or vacation on the island — all through innovative thinking and far-reaching fundraising capabilities, as part of an overall collaborative effort among those who love Mykonos. More efficient garbage and trash disposal, enhanced police capabilities and a renewed focus on clean seas and beaches are just some of the issues we are addressing and will continue to address boldly and in cooperation with local authorities.

Our team

We are a diverse and dedicated team of individuals, who excel in their respective fields and share a deep love for the island of Mykonos.
Konstantinos Kallias

Konstantinos Kallias is a Greek-born Supreme Court lawyer LL.B LL.M. He attended Law School in Aristotle University Greece, Staffordshire University UK, Maastricht University NED. Upon graduation he completed his military service in Greece (in special forces, parachute regiment) with the rank of captain (2000-2002). 2002-2005 he practiced law as a trainee lawyer in an Athenian law firm and the Ministry of Health. Upon joining his father’s firm in 2006, he worked with a team of experienced and specialized lawyers, who became a partnership named “Premium Legal – Kallias and Partners Law Firm” in 2016. Konstantinos is married to a Mykonian and has 1 child; they spend 6 months a year in their home on the island. His firm has maintained a branch in Mykonos since 2013. He has worked pro bono for many cultural associations in Mykonos and Athens, including the Animal Welfare Association of Mykonos, the Chora of Mykonos Association, and the OKANA in Athens. Konstantinos is very honored to provide his legal knowledge to proactive associations consisting of passionate individuals, who work hard to benefit the community.

Alexia Katsaounis

Alexia Katsaounis has considered Mykonos her summer home since her birth. A graduate of Middlebury College in the USA, and Barcelona’s IESE Business School (MBA), she has combined a career in management at her family’s business with a lifelong dedication to social responsibility. In that role she has served for several years as part of the New York Knicks NBA team’s Community Relations Field, and in the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Orange, France Telecom in Madrid. Currently she is one of the founding members and president of Desmos ([email protected]), a non-profit foundation that serves as a hub between donors and beneficiary organizations in Greece. Since its founding in 2012, Desmos has distributed over 7 million euros worth of goods and services in Greece. She also serves as a member of the Greek Shipowners Union, in charge of its charitable arm.

Flora Katsaounis

Flora Katsaounis is a co-founder of Friends of Mykonos. She first visited the island as a child in 1969, spent summers here regularly and has been a Mykonos homeowner since 2000. In 2009 she organized a privately-funded and -managed campaign to help rid the island of garbage — first by hiring and supervising contractors to collect the garbage, and in 2011 and 2012 under contract with a professional garbage handler. She is a New Yorker of Greek descent, educated in the USA at Chapin School and Vassar College, now living in Switzerland.

Yannis Katsaounis

Yannis Katsaounis, has been a Mykonos homeowner since 2000, and a frequent visitor to the island before then. He holds degrees from the University of Minnesota (BSc in Mechanical Engineering), University of California at Berkeley (MBA), University of Geneva (DES), and Harvard Business School (Management), and is currently an executive member of the board of Flour Mills of Nigeria. In 1984, as CEO of Alucanco, a Greece-based aluminum can production company, he joined with companies such as Coca-Cola and Amstel to create the first (and still operating) recycling plant in Greece. Yannis bikes around the island on a daily basis, giving him perhaps as intimate a knowledge of the garbage situation as anyone on the island.

Steven Neckman

Steven Neckman is a lawyer by education but for more than 30 years has been an internationally recognized vintage jewelry dealer. He has been a summer resident on Mykonos for 25 years and a homeowner the last 10 years. An American by birth, Steven is a Greek at heart and a devotee of Mykonos’ island life. He’s passionate about being a part of what will keep Mykonos great. Rather than focus on the shortcomings of our island life, Steven is instead committed to help raise the funds and awareness needed to make the necessary improvements that will enhance everyone’s quality of life on the island.