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Friends of Mykonos officially registered in Greece

We are pleased to announce that Friends of Mykonos is now a legally established charitable NGO, fully registered with the Greek government. To date we have raised in excess of €130,000 plus significant in-kind contributions.

Our planned project for 2021 is to support clean-up activities on the island and to help with the trash and debris problems that are both unsightly and unhealthy. Last year we focused on security on the island by donating vehicles and equipment to the Mykonos Police Department. You can read more about this in our Projects section.

Please consider joining us in our mission to MAKE MYKONOS THE BEST IT CAN BE by contributing to the Friends of Mykonos today. While contributions of any amount are of course welcome, a minimum donation of €1000 per year will make you a voting member of the assembly and give you a voice in determining the future work of the Friends and the wellbeing of Mykonos.

Membership is open to all with no requirement that you be a Mykonos resident or homeowner. We welcome all who care about the island as we do. Let’s help make Mykonos the place we all wish and know it can be!

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Friends of Mykonos say: safety first

To fulfil our mission as Friends of Mykonos, we identify several fronts that require our attention. One of them is the issue of safety on the island, in combination with the recent rise in criminal activity. This is why we decided for the year 2020 to focus on supporting the local police in their effort to keep the island safe for everyone all year round.

In the summer of 2020, our organization donated several vehicles and a complete drone system to the Mykonos Police Department, thanks to generous donations from our members and allies. That same year we raised funds for a new CCTV system that is to be installed across the entire island, thus further enhancing safety and making the work of the police even more efficient.

You can read more about this initiative in the Projects section of our website.

The new Friends of Mykonos website is now live

The new Friends of Mykonos website is our online home, where our community can stay informed about our activities and learn more about how to join our cause. The website provides all necessary information about our organization and its Board, as well as our mission about making Mykonos the best it can be.

A dedicated News section will be regularly updated with information about ongoing projects. This is the announcement board for everyone interested in our work and who would like to participate in or support our activities. In the Projects section we will be posting completed and ongoing projects that are aligned with our mission and are decided by our Board for the benefit of the island.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to become a Friend of Mykonos and join us in action. You can use the Contact page to get in touch, or subscribe to our Newsletter to receive our news directly in your inbox.

We hope to have many of you on board, as we’re preparing new and exciting projects that will help make Mykonos a better place for everyone!